Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We had a nice evening last night at home. We don't have nights like that often because of our soccer schedules. Caitlin and a neighbor friend of hers from across the street went to the store and bought cookie dough. So while they made the chocoloate chip cookies, the boys and I patiently waited for our share of cookies and watched a few Family Guy episodes. That cartoon has so many things that are just so inappropriate but funny at the same time. The boys would laugh about the dumbest things. I think it was a "boy" thing, because I just didn't get it. And "no!" it wasn't the inappropriate stuff. I get that!!

It wasn't long and the smell of cookies had us headed for the kitchen where Caitlin and Kyle had started sampling them and taking crazy pictures. We each had so many cookies that I'm surprised we didn't go to bed with stomach aches. I love nights like this where we just hang out, laugh, cook and just enjoy each other.


#1Deb said...

Crazy kids, chocolate chip cookies and crazy TV - the perfect night!

Donna said...

I enjoy nights like this too. Looks you all had a great time.

Annie said...

these are the moments that mean so much to our families. I think we often forget to blog about stuff like this.