Thursday, April 09, 2009

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

I finally tackled an item on my to-do list that I've been avoiding. I have an old computer that I've been holding onto until I had time to dismantle it so that I could remove the hard drive and destroy it. You don't want anyone getting a hold of your personal stuff, you know. The hard drive is the small silver box laying to the right of my dismantled computer.

Apparently, erasing your hard drive does not actually erase the hard drive. Formatting your hard drive only makes it so that your computer loses the directions to your information and therefore isn't able to retrieve it. In both of these cases, your information is still there and retrievable by hackers.

Here is the hard drive after being opened and that round silver disk is what I'm trying remove and destroy. I drilled about 7 holes in the hard disk and then beat it up with the claw side of a hammer. During this process, I found out why it's called a hard disk. I had to bang on it with all my strength just to make a dent. Hopefully I've done enough damage to keep any potential hackers from getting a hold of my goodies. We wouldn't want that.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A favorite spot

You can't open a drawer around here without someone jumping in and getting comfortable.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I love Oklahoma in the Springtime

Isn't Spring the greatest? Its new and fresh and everything comes to life with a renewed sense of being. No, it's not the plants I'm actually talking about, it's me. I've been in a winter funk for the past month with no motivation to do much of anything that took any effort.

Then Spring comes along and changes everything. A few of my plants that are coming up are my Hosta, Elephant Ears and the Stonecrop. The Clematis has new leaves and its flowers will soon follow. I'm worried about my Passion Vine but since it seems to be partial to warmer weather, I think I'll just not worry about it too much just yet and see how things play out.

All of this new growth has caused me to feel energized and ready to take on a new project. But I need a project and since Spring is what gets me moving my groove thing, I'll dedicate this project to the outdoors. I have most of this week off so I've purchased a few new plants to replace the ones that I lost last year. I'll get them planted and then I'll sit outside and admire my work, because that's what I like to do...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

We have issues

I'm here to confess a moment that is directly related to me inheritating a family gene that I like to call "white trashicus". This gene has not been proven to be in Ray's family history but it must be there somewhere, or else I'm contagious.

We moved into this house ten plus years ago and shortly after, a storage building was built onto our property to protect our garden equipment. Ray bought paint for the shed that was suppose to match our house, but since he is color blind, it wasn't exactly a matching color. We had a blue storage building to go with our gray house. I will say that our gray house does have an ever-so-slight blue tint to the color, but it is still clearly gray.

This big blue eyesore sat to the back of our property but that didn't keep it from being in plain site of all our neighbors no matter where they live. Our poor neighbors. As for my family, we were immune to how ugly this looked because genetics made it possible for us to look the other way and forget. Much like one might see in one of those trashy type yards, it was our rusty car on blocks of cement.

But finally, after 10 long years and some available time during Spring Break, Ray and Cody repainted our little shed a beautiful, perfectly-matched-to-our-house, gray paint. And now when I come up the driveway, I can be proud when I see the little gray shed.

Everything just seems right in the world now. It's very healing.