Saturday, October 18, 2008

More of our road trip to Miss. State

It's all about Miss. State:
Even girls need weight training:
Indoor facility for those bad weather days:

Film room:
Rock wall in the recreation center:
Pregame warmup:
Watching the game from the grassy knoll:


Michelle said...

It looks like a really nice school. It seems like a nice campus. Hope you all had a great time. :)

Dawn said...

Well, I'm anxious to hear what everyone thought?! Did they offer her a scholarship?? Did she have fun staying in the dorms? LOL I'm excited, can you tell???

Tanya said...

Can I go there? :-)

Deb said...

Do they just rent out rooms to the public, cause that place looks awesome.

So how did it go??? Do they love her and she them??? Spill...

Donna said...

My son likes to climb rock walls. And the campus looks really nice. Hope you had fun.