Thursday, October 26, 2006


This is my baby. Isn't he awesome? He's very affection (even with strangers, I just recently found out) and loves to play with everyone... not one creature is excluded. I couldn't do anything about his glowing eyes because he would turn out to look like a freak, so you have to admire him as is, but imagine dark pupils in a sea of brownish/green.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What's with the critters?

I grounded one of my cats to the outdoors recently because she pees on everything. OK maybe not everything but she does pee on the carpet and has been known to pee in a bean bag chair a couple of times. So when I got up this morning, Caitlin had asked me if I had heard the cats fighting in the house last night, which I had not... no big deal. I went outside this morning because Kami, the now outdoor cat, was meowing. When I stepped out on the back porch I noticed blood splattered around the cat food bowl, trailed across the porch and up on the side of the house. As I looked up to see if there was any noticeable injuries on her, she went scurrying around the corner of the house. I followed and so did the trail of blood. This is not good and I'm the one... of course, who has done this to her. Not by my own hand but by my own doing just the same.

I go back in the house and out to the front porch to see if that is where she had retreated only to be greeted by more of the blood trail, which trailed along the sidewalk to the garage and back where I had made my first discovery. And some of this blood is not just drips, it's globs. Since I can't seem to catch up with her, I decide to wash off the evidence before the younger boys see this and start revolt against me.

Afterwards, I keep looking for her all the while trying to get ready for work. And by this time, Ray has informed me that we have another problem if she was attacked by a skunk, possum, or other wild creature... rabies! I had already decided that I could not leave her outside at night and now this meant that I couldn't exactly leave her indoors either. Was I suppose to take her to the vet to be quarantined? And yes, I even thought... how much was this going to cost me? I had really created a problem with her outdoor grounding.

Finally while we were looking for Hayden's lunch box out in the car, she comes along and we give her a good going over to see where her injuries are and would you believe... she doesn't have a mark on her. Not even a tiny spot of blood. What a freaking relief. So where is this cat now you ask? Indoors. Tucked away safely from those ferocious creatures of the night.

We've had a lot of blood shed at our house in the past couple of weeks and I'm getting pretty darn tired of it. But I guess I didn't share my story about the possum, did I?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bunko in Broken Arrow

I filled in as a sub in a Bunko game this past Friday. I'm a home body and I had dreaded going all week because that's just how I roll, but I ended up having a good time. I had completely forgotten how to play the game since it's been over 8 years and my memory is just not as sharp these days. Quite honestly, nothing was familiar about the game except for the rolling of the dice. And even that seemed different. Did the game always use only 3 dice??

I did walk away with a delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe which I made for dinner yesterday. Everyone ate it except for the 2 young-uns in our household. I guess it had too many colors and "things" in it.