Tuesday, May 23, 2006

State Cup Prelims

The soccer was good this past weekend. So nice to be outside in the sun instead of cooped up indoors. It was hot at times, but we survived the heat. I enjoyed everything about the weekend except the occasional glimpse of cellulite.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh the shame!

I have a hairdresser that I've been using for the past few years. She's very good and I've never been disappointed. I took Caitlin to a different hair stylist recently and on a whim, I made an appointment for myself to have my hair cut and foiled with the same girl that she was using. Unfortunately, today, I ran into my regular hair stylist at the grocery store. We said our "hellos" and as she walked off, I was left feeling like I had betrayed a close friend. Yes, it was obvious that my hair was different. I guess it was bound to happen in a town this small but you still hope that the Gods will be kind and spare you this shame. Looks like I might have a new hairdresser now. So that's how my day started out and only got more interesting from there.... but that's another story entirely.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just what??

I use the word "just" way too much. In fact I absolutely wear the word out. Everytime I write an email or update my blog, I proof read and delete "just" several times. Everything is:

just really
just going
just need

It's to the point that the word doesn't even make sense and I have found that I don't need it.... I just like to use it!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Day!!

Today is my birthday and I've decided that it's a good thing when your birthday is this close to Mother's Day. Especially being a mother myself. All of the Mother's Day specials on the talk shows and news is a reminder that not only is the day coming where I'm recognized for being a mom, but also my birthday is near and what's more special than Katie, Matt and Al doing the reminding.

Yep, I'm special.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

All work and no play

First off.. our soccer team lost but it wasn't as horrible as I imagined. The team didn't play well and when that happens, it's hard to want them to win. So they didn't deserve it and that's the way it goes. The score was 2-1 so it was a close game.

Leslie called me last week about a job that might be coming available at a lawyer's office. Turns out that he's not ready to fire his incompetent secretary even though his wife would like to see it happen so that someone can get into that office and get it organized. So maybe someday down the road this employment possiblity will come up again and I'll be more mentally prepared to take something full time. For now, I'm employed very part time, which I'm comfortable with.

Laundry is priority today. I've managed to ignore it the last couple of days so there is plenty to catch up on. I'll try to fit in some work and HGTV on the side. I'd like to get in some exercise, tanning and shopping but since there are only 24 hours in a day, that's unlikely. And now, the clothes dryer beckons me.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Let the Gods smile upon us!

Go Zebras!!

It's just all that I can think of right now. Tonight is huge! We are getting geared up for the soccer game tonight. Isn't that part of the fun? You know...the anticipation. It plays such a big role in the excitement. We mentally prepare for whatever emotion awaits us this evening. There are only two ways it will go.... a win will bring a rush of adrenaline that will keep you awake for hours and a loss will bring a silent ride home trying to figure out what went wrong. It could be the biggest night of soccer that our high school boys will experience. Either way, it's great that the team made it this far.

We played this team earlier in the year and lost 1-0. If we play it right, tonight could be our night. But if we don't, well.... we will see.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Me... Me....Me!

Some weeks I feel I have too much to talk about and then other times I feel like I just have nothing to say. This week has been one of those "nothing to say" weeks. Even though it's been very busy.

Hayden stayed home from school 3 days with a case of pink eye so those days were shot to hell as far as my "me" time. I took my cat to the vet on Monday, who was miraculously cured one day and $85 later. Then I was called into work on Thursday so that day was lost. Today is ok except that I had a meeting this morning which meant that I had to get up early, shower and dress before I had a chance to have breakfast. I'm already looking forward to next week when I can rush the kids off to school and have every day to myself. Call me selfish.

Dylan's high school soccer team has a quarter-final game tonight so the entire family will be attending that event. I hope it goes well. Lots of soccer this weekend but it's close to home so we are very excited about the games.

Caitlin has a boyfriend and I think he's great, but if he tries anything inappropriate with her... I'm going to kill him and I've already told her so. But right now, we love him.

I think Cody is looking forward to Mother's Day tea next Friday because he keeps bringing the subject up and asking if I know what they are making at school for the mothers. I could take advantage of the child and find out everything...but I won't. It's going to be really nice though, because it's on my birthday so I'm calling it my special party they are throwing for me. :-) I constantly remind my kids about my bday and tell them what an important day it is. I think it's imperative to not let them forget how absolutely fantastic I am.