Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday soccer

We drove over to OKC yesterday for Caitlin's soccer game. Her team is in a big time funk right now and cannot get that ball in the back of the net to save their life. It's bad.

On a positive note, Caitlin called the assistant coach with Mississippi State yesterday and talked to her for a few minutes while we drove back to Tulsa. She was very nice and made Caitlin laugh a few times, not sure what was funny but it was a good thing and put Caitlin at ease. We have a meeting at the admissions office when we first get there on Friday and then we will be watching their soccer game that night. From there, Caitlin will leave with the team and spend the rest of the evening with them and I'll meet them for breakfast the next morning. We are very excited about this trip and hope that it has a scholarship offer somewhere in the near future.

We go back to OKC today for another game and it needs to be better than it was yesterday... geez!


Dawn said...

I'm really hoping you will report that they won today.

I'm excited for her about the miss. trip! You all will have a fun time. :)

Michelle said...

I hate to hear she had a bad game. Hopefully they will do better next weekend. It will be fun no matter what.