Friday, October 10, 2008

My tummy don't like it

I haven't felt especially well the last few days, something with my stomach is not feeling quite right. Other than that, I feel completely fine. I started wondering if maybe it was because Dylan was leaving on Monday. It's strange because I don't feel upset about his departure(yet!), but it is on my mind most of the time. Could this be enough to have this kind of affect?

And now, to add to my jitters, Mississippi State's assistant soccer coach has invited Caitlin to go there next weekend. She will visit the campus, check out the soccer facilities, meet the team, and watch them play a game. I'll be driving her down but I'm not sure where my involvement ends. I've heard stories where she'll spend time alone with players from the team and even possibly stay the night with them...IN A COLLEGE DORM!! She's just 16. This makes both of us a little apprehensive. We've been hoping for this opportunity but it makes us nervous to think of meeting the coaches and knowing the right things to say and ask when we get there. If all goes well, they will offer her a scholarship to play for them.

Eeeks! What do we say?... What will they say?... What do we NOT say?... Will they like her?... What shoes will I wear?

With so much happening right now and this next week, it makes me wonder if this is why my tummy is feeling flighty. Hey, maybe I'll end up losing a couple of pounds.


Dawn said...

ROFL!! I so would be worried about the shoes as well!! Too funny!

But, on the serious side, I'm sure all of this has to have your stomach in knots. I got a little pain in mine just thinking about it!

That's so exciting they have asked her there to check them out. I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Annie said...

sometimes my tummy don't like things either. I totally relate. It's like the message doesn't get to my brain (I don't REALIZE I'm stressed) but it sticks right in my stomach. and sometimes comes out one end (not to be gross) But it's at that point (usually during basketball season) that I realize, "Oh, maybe I'm stressed!" Ha! I guess I'm slow like that - thinking about other things. Anyway, hope it goes well. Blessings!

Tanya said...

I need to catch up this weekend!

Michelle said...

I can't imagine all the change going on for you right now. I am just sure it is your nerves. I would feel the same way. Keep us posted.