Friday, October 03, 2008

Mother-Daughter bonding

Here's a picture of Caitlin chillin' before her final game last weekend. We were watching the game that was being played on the same field where her game was soon to be taking place. Although we didn't win either of the games (both were a tie), the weekend turned out to be a lot better than I had anticipated. I thought it was just going to be another soccer weekend where we rush to one game, shower, eat and get ready for day two. But it was actually better because Caitlin and I were able to fit in a nice dinner at Olive Garden and then went shopping at the mall. It was a bonus that we did not fight over what clothes were cute and which were definitely NOT while shopping.


The Hunter's Wife said...

I have this problem with my nieces. I never thought I would ever think my style was out of style.

Glad to see you both enjoyed the day.

Dawn said...

Courtney and I fight over her clothes already. I dread when she is actually a teen. She tells me I have no style all the time. lol

I'm glad you got to enjoy your time together. I can't wait for our new OG to open!! I think it opens next month.

Michelle said...

That is so nice that you had some time with your daughter. I love spending time with mine. I know as she gets older it will be harder. I like having her 8 years old. I wish I could keep her that age forever.