Friday, October 17, 2008

To see what we could see

We drove around the campus of Mississippi State after we had dinner even though it was already dark but we just wanted to see what we could see. (The blurry pictures are a result of having the "flash" option off...I'm sure I'm not doing something right.)

The most impressive things were the Sorority and Fraternity houses. They were also the only things we could get pictures of in the dark, since they were well lit up.

They were huge!

The lights were on at the football stadium so we were able to get a glimpse at this as well.... again.... another massive structure.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Those pictures came out really beautiful.

Dawn said...

Wow! That place is impressive! I hope you all had a great time.

Deb said...

Oh cool!! Those are good shots. Now sneak out in the daylight (lol)

Tanya said...

Some campuses are just gorgeous. This one's no exception!