Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Could the drought be over?

So our last soccer game of the weekend which was on Sunday did have a happy ending. At least for our team. We won the game and actually scored 3 goals to the other team's 1. I think we all collectively felt a sigh of relief since the last few weeks have been a bit disappointing for this group of girls and their parents. We have not won a game but only managed to tie at best in the last 4 games or so. Hopefully we are back on the road of scoring goals and winning games.

And now for some pictures from that game. Here is the team getting their halftime peptalk from the coach. That's my girl in the middle on the bottom bench looking very bored interested.

And look at her here, winning that ball and defying them any chance of scoring against us. You go get 'em girlfriend! Of course, she learned this from her momma.

Wait, here she is about to step in the way of the shot that is being taken by the opposing team. That's gonna hurt. No pain, no gain... and we did the gaining on this day. The team looked great and all the girls played well that Sunday. They should be proud.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Congrats to the team!

Deb said...

Way To GO GIrls!!!

Dawn said...

I'm so happy to hear the dry spell is over!! Should be smooth sailing now! :) Great pictures!