Friday, October 24, 2008

Handy Shmandy!

I thought I would share how handy I am at fixing things. I must have inherited this cleverness from the white trash part of my family. Yes, I have white trash members in my family tree and I've learned to accept it but not to pass along "their ways" with my children. Except for this one time:

The handle on my microwave recently broke off and we were having trouble getting that door to open.
BEWARE: A rhyme to follow. So tug as we may, and tug as we might, that door wouldn't open without a fight.
The plastic frame around the bottom of the door was starting to give out and I was noticing a small crack where it would surely snap off soon. I had to do something fast. Thank goodness for duct tape. I taped it to the inside of the door and left a bit hanging out at the bottom to give the kids (and myself) a brand spanking new handle. Voila! Do you see it? Pretty snazzy, huh? Life is good again.


The Hunter's Wife said...

Good job! And for the love of duct tape. :)

Dawn said...

ROFL!!! Now that was ingenious!!

Karen said...

You do what you have to do! Yay for duct tape.

Deb said...

There is not a much better invention than the duct tape. I have used it a time or two for a lint roller. You do whatya gotta do.
I have white trash in me too, but I embrace it (lol).