Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Deep thoughts

Things that are good about working:
The bed gets made in the morning... and I didn't do it.
The laundry gets done...and I didn't do it.

Down and then, Up again.

I was down with back problems this past weekend and end of last week. I was feeling pretty low about it because it has me incapacitated and I just went through this a month ago. But today was glorious! I don't know if I was just so happy to be feeling better or if it was because I had a good day at work the day before but my mood was way up there.

I'm seeing a chiropractor now and it just feels good to turn your problems over to someone else and allow them to help you. I hope I don't have too much faith in what he can do but I'm certainly hopeful that he's a miracle worker. I do have to say that I had minimal discomfort in my lower back today and I'm not sure that I've been that pain free in a month's time. Only time will tell if this doctor is helping but I'm really feeling like he is. I'm still noticing some discomforts in my leg which I was hoping would go away, but maybe with time.

Anywhooo... that's it for now.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy Days

School seems to be going great for the kids. Especially Hayden, which makes me so happy. Last year, he hardly ever had anything good to say about his day, but this year... his teachers rock!! And those are his words. If it keeps going this way, I'll be sure and write his teachers an email telling them how happy we are to have them. I'll just cross my fingers that things continue on this path.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh how I love shoes!

Here are the shoes that I purchased from Skechers. The black ones. Aren't they so cute and omg.. so comfortable. You get to wear something as comfortable as an athletic shoe but with a little dressed up look. I'll be wearing them to work. They also come in brown, which I was undecided at first on which color to buy. I wear more blacks than browns, so... black. And look at this even dressier version on the left called the Luxe. Either of these types would be great for someone who is on their feet all day. You should check them out. Who doesn't love shoes?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So embarrassing

I was at the store...yes again... checking out and I had my purse up on the counter digging for my wallet and when I brought this item out of my purse, a tampon flipped up... into the air... and landed on the ground. It's a good thing that I'm as old as I am and don't let those things bother me as much anymore, but it was still quite embarrassing.

It's the little things

I walked into our grocery store in Claremore today and saw the greatest idea for customers. A display with a large container of oversized wipes and a trash can. Timing couldn't be better with school starting and colds running amuck(sp?) I will certainly use this and just think how clean those grocery basket handles will be now. I'm so excited.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Oh hail the king!

One of our cats has been known to adore my middle son, Hayden. But after what I've witnessed, I would say it is more like she "worships" him. Just to give a little history...we've always talked about how this cat likes to fish out clean socks from the laundry basket and drops them off in Hayden's room during the middle of the night all the while meowing like crazy. I just figured she just liked that room the best. But Hayden slept on the couch a few nights ago and when I woke up I found a pile of socks at the foot of the couch. I've decided that they are items that she brings to him as someone would bring gifts to a king or god. I'm not sure what it is but it's just odd to me.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

Caitlin and I are going to Beauty and the Beast at the Robson Performing Arts Center today at 2:00. We are quite excited and are actually looking forward to dressing up a bit. It's sold out for this showing so I'm looking forward to seeing who all is going. Hope it's not a bunch of loud ass kids because that might ruin it.

Ray took Hayden and Cody to the lake today. They will have a good time and it's going to be a hot day.

We had Mojo neutered and declawed yesterday and he's doing well. He's as sweet as ever if not sweeter. Have I mentioned yet that we didn't name our cat Pele... it just didn't stick so we decided Mojo would work. Although..Caitlin calls him Batman and Dylan calls him Evil. This cat will never know his true name, but we love him all the same.

Oh and I had my hair colored yesterday and for me it's been a little hard to get used to. Too much red I think. It's over all a dark brown much like my natural so that parts not bad and then there are a few highlights thrown in. I'm waiting for it all to fade a bit so it won't be so noticeable. Maybe it's not, and maybe it's just that I notice it too much since it's my hair.