Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maybe Not EXACT Words

My boss at work must really wonder some days why he hired me. I've made him laugh just a couple of times and yesterday was one of those times. But he was probably laughing AT me.

I had to interview our client to ask him questions that were submitted by an Attorney for the other side. Then type in the answers to this Interrogatory and I got stumped on how to spell a word. That made me wonder if we should really answer what the client's response was word for word or make it sound more professional. So I went back to my boss's office to ask him.

"I'm typing this Interrogatory and I need to know if you want me to use the client's exact words or if I should re-word it to make it sound more professional."

"Exact words are fine."

"Then I need to know how to spell wuss"

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Tanya said...

Oh my gosh - how funny.