Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I need Spring to get here

I’m needing to lose a few pounds (A few, yeah.. right) so I’m cutting my food intake when I can. It’s hard, especially in the evenings when the family is having popcorn and other things that have an aroma that fills the house from corner to corner. I don’t do diets. They just don’t work for me and they leave me filling dissatisfied which in turn makes me want to eat. I cut back on the things I eat normally. I had a fairly good day yesterday which means that I kept my food intake fairly low. But only because I skipped breakfast, which I know is not healthy, and I was away from the house all evening. So far today, no breakfast again. I’m having pizza for lunch and hopefully I don’t overdo. I don’t want to bore you with this, so enough about this issue.

Hayden had "In-house" yesterday at school which is what they call detention. It was only in the afternoon and was handed out for allowing a fellow student to cheat off one of his worksheets that was done in class. He read a World War II book and actually enjoyed that part of it.

Dylan had to go to school at about 6:30 this morning to start the soccer team’s two-a-days. So stupid. Why can’t they just stay longer after school?
I talked to Tanya last night about some questions that I had concerning his enrollment into college. That was very helpful... thank you. Hopefully this won’t feel so overwhelming when Caitlin gets to this point.

Looking forward to going to Phoenix for President’s Day weekend. It’s a soccer tournament in a warmer part of the country. Which makes me fantasize about Spring and how it feels when that first warm breeze comes in and you feel re-energized. Please let Spring come early.

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