Friday, January 12, 2007

Here we go again.

This is all too familiar from just this past November. This is exactly how the last snow storm started that left about 8 inches of snow. What you see here is sleet accumulating on the houses and in the yards and a layer of ice forming on everything. In November, we ended up with too many inches of snow on the ground for longer than I would ever want. But so far they aren't predicting any large amounts of snow. Just a winter ice storm with "some" snow. Hopefully, I won't have pictures of snow to show off.

Right now we have ice covering the sidewalks, roads and anything else that gets in the way. The schools are closing early and I'm getting ready to go pick up the kids. We are loaded up with groceries from my shopping trip yesterday, so we are fully stocked and ready to be stranded this weekend. Actually sounds kind of nice.

Edit: Here is what we are living with for the next few days if not the rest of the week. The temps are below freezing at least until Wednesday so this ice will be staying around.

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Tanya said...

I noticed on our weather boxes that it's 23 there and 25 here. But I wish you could see the picture on my weather box before it changes. I can't tell what the clouds are doing.