Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ice Storm Events

I don't want to forget some things about this winter weather, especially things that I've never encountered before so I want to post them here. Afterall, this is the only journal that I keep of my daily memories and it's more for me than anyone.

Like my experience driving on this ice. I've driven after snow storms and I know what to expect. But an ice storm is a bit different and offers obstacles that I haven't dealt with so much. The roads are much more slippery than I've ever seen and I had times when I was right at the point of my car being at a complete stop only to have it slide sideways if I was on a slope. This happened twice. I had a friend ask if I was scared when driving on the ice. No, not really was my response. If I start to slide, I just say "Wheeeeeeee" ..... no worries.

The birds are definitely slower, or more stupid, or starving to death....not sure which. I had one time when driving down the road that a flock of birds didn't leave their buffet on the road in time to miss getting hit. I struck at least 4 of them. It looked like a scene in The Birds where they are all over your windshield and all sides of your car. Very interesting week.

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