Saturday, January 20, 2007

A change in topic

There must be more to blog about besides the weather. But with round after round of wintry weather pounding this area, it seems to be the main focus. I must have more to talk about.

So....In other news:
Ray is leaving for Aberdeen Scotland today. Hopefully, air travel won't incur any delays and his flights will remain on-time. I had forgotten he was leaving until he came home yesterday with stuff from work and I quizzed him about it. He'll only be gone a few days; very short trip for the distance he's flying. UPDATE: Flight cancelled.

I was vacuuming yesterday and noticed an unusual amount of airsoft bullets in my bedroom, which is also a very unusual place to find them. As I continued to vacuum, I noticed they were sprayed about all over different parts of my room and then it occurred to me what had taken place. Grrrrr......Someone was so busted! So, I had that someone pick up these little bb's in everyone's room since they were everywhere. That must have been some shootout. He did have an accomplice, but his involvement was more like one pull of the trigger. So now, all guns have been locked away for awhile until my children learn how to respect property. Now he's asking for the video camera back. As if!! Hayden doesn't have a clue sometimes.


Tanya said...

That's awesome that Ray's getting to go there. Guess he took his fancy camera? By the way, remind me to tell you a story about respecting property. You'll think Hayden was an angel.

DeeBee said...

Let me guess... this has to do with Bailey?

Tanya said...

I looked at this picture of Hayden again and looked at the larger size, and he is changing, too. I see a little more of Dylan in his face, and his haircut makes him look a little older.