Saturday, July 19, 2008

Texas Kinfolk

It's what we look forward to most, Tanya and her family visiting us during the summer and we look forward to it more than any other event in the year. The first thing that is usually planned is the menu. I made roast the first day so that all the work was done before they arrived. And as usual we also made several trips to the store to pick up ingredients for other snacks. I made a strawberry dessert that we later renamed "Strawberry Heaven" because Bailey kept saying that it looked and tasted like heaven. Tanya made some delicious quacamole that we enjoyed... frequently.

On Tuesday, we made a trip into Tulsa and did some shopping at the mall. After we had shopped the stores on the first level of the mall, we took a break and headed over to Olive Garden for lunch. We then went back to the mall to tackle the second level. We headed home with a pretty good start on school clothes.

Caitlin and Bailey slept on the trampoline one night and I'm not sure what went on out there but I bet it left our neighbors curious.

What day did we go bowling?.... I'm not sure. But we all enjoyed the bowling and Hayden and Cody didn't want it to end. Maybe next time we'll play an extra game.

Somewhere in our week, we managed to fit in some pool time. The kids swam on and off through the week and my friend, Leslie, came over and joined me and Tanya for a dip in the pool.

And what would our visit be without popcorn and a movie? So we headed over to the local theatre where Tanya and I, Bailey, Caitlin, Hayden and Cody saw "Hancock".

And like all good things that come to an end, so did our week. We look forward to the next time that we get to see them and hopefully Alan will be there too.

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