Thursday, July 10, 2008


I went to Bunko last night and became a little miffed when I got there because we had a person there substituting for another player who also decided this was going to be an opportunity for her to have a home and garden party. She passed out catalogs for us to look at and I placed mine on a table and got something to eat instead. I think we should have been told that this Bunko night was going to include a sales pitch whether it be Tupperware, Home and Garden or the Pampered Chef. Maybe it was just me, but I was a bit surprised by this ambush.


Karen said...

I think that was rude unless she said you could look if you wanted and then didn't make a big think of it. So, did you win at bunco?

Tanya said...

i just don't like catalog sales regardless. aren't we beyond home party sales in this day and age?

DeeBee said...

I just felt like we were being put on the spot. We had no choice whether or not we wanted to attend a Home and Garden party. We found out when we arrived that we were AT a Home and Garden party. It was just wrong to do that in our bunko group. Just my opinion.