Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth Festivities

We started celebrating the fourth by having a midday feast of ribeye, sides of vegetables and garlic toast, all prepared by Ray. Then there was swimming and later that evening the boys had fun lighting fireworks. We then retreated to the firepit area and roasted marshmallows. Hayden did not enjoy the roasted marshmallows and Cody could take it or leave it. What is wrong with these children? We never did get the wood burning because we were out of lighter fluid so we roasted marshmallows over the kindling that we were able to get lit. That kindling being a couple of paper sacks. Mmmmm.

I was gone most of the morning to shop for new mattresses for the boys' beds since most stores were having sales. The boys were sleeping on mattresses that were only good for small children and since those mattresses are now over 15 years old, it was time to upgrade. Ray and I also purchased a new set for our room because our mattress sags in the center and even has a hump in the space between us that doesn't see much use. I've tried sleeping on that hump to even things out but it would take years to work it down. I'm anxious to try out this new bed with memory foam on the top layer to see if it alleviates some of my aches in the morning.

I'll be washing sheets and making beds today after the mattresses are delivered. This will be the one time that I can't wait to wash bedding and make beds.


Tanya said...

Well we can give that firepit another try when Bailey and I get there. I love roasted marshmallows!

DeeBee said...

And hotdogs!