Monday, July 07, 2008

Life of the Stay At Home Mom

Wow! What a day I had. Ever have one of those days when you know what you are going to do but then the next thing you know, you find yourself taking on some big project that takes up more time than you expect? Yea, that was me when I was cleaning the kitchen this morning. While wiping off the stovetop, I saw how dirty the aluminum burner bowls were and put them in the sink for a soak and a scrub real quick. Once I had removed these bowls out from under the burners I then chose to clean under the burners, where spills sometime happen. This was all well and good until I noticed some gook on the side of the stove. So what started off as wiping off the stovetop evolved into pulling the stove out from the wall and scrubbing it up and down both sides and cleaning the floor. Two hours of unplanned, back breaking work.

I still had to complete the things on my agenda for this Monday, like calling the furniture store to switch out my boxsprings this week. Next I was making a dentist appointment for Cody, teaching the boys how to fold their own towels, taking the dogs to the vet for their allergy shots, picking up frontline for all the animals and doing 4 loads of laundry. I also managed to work in a couple of phone calls from Tanya and Daddy because there is always time for visiting on the phone.

I'm not sure how I found the motivation but the next thing I found myself doing was cleaning out my refrigerator and you know what kind of job that is. Every drawer and shelf was pulled out and washed and old items were thrown in the trash. Two hours later and I was standing at the fridge, admiring my hard work. Cleaning the fridge was on my "to do" list because Tanya and Bailey are coming next week and I couldn't have a dirty refrigerator.

I did find time to take a shower today and I'm exhausted to say the least. And you know what the worst part is... I don't get paid.

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Tanya said...

i posted a comment last night...guess it didn't take. ha.

anyway, what i was saying is that i don't care if it's clean or dirty - it's the food inside that matters!