Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas

Las Vegas had to be one of the funnest places to travel for a soccer tournament. Another fun place would be somewhere near a beach if you actually had the time to enjoy laying in the sun on a lounge chair with sunglasses and a good book to read. Oh, and don't forget the margarita in hand.

But this wasn't the beach, this was Las Vegas and it definitely had it's perks. After Caitlin and I arrived in Vegas, we stopped to have lunch before checking into our hotel room (which wasn't on the strip but was a very nice casino hotel). We had a show to see our first night before starting the soccer portion of the trip. We saw David Copperfield at the MGM Casino and had front row seats. I'm still amazed at some of the tricks he pulls off. This was the second time I've seen his show and I remember being more amazed the first time I saw it, over 15 years ago. Maybe it's my age.

A lion laying on a glass floor that we viewed from below

Our first soccer game was good the first half and the second half was a completely different game from the one we had just watched 10 minutes earlier. Funny how fast things can change with this game. We tied 2-2 on a game that we should have won easily.

Most of the team went to the Las Vegas strip that night. We spent most of our time in New York, New York. The girls rode the roller coaster and we ate in the Rainforest Cafe. So much walking!
Daytime picture of New York, New York

Evening picture of New York, New York

Saturday was dedicated to soccer games. In between games, the girls were taken by limosine to the Pink Taco in the Hard Rock Casino as a treat for one of the girls who turned 16 on this day. At the end of the evening, I played a slot machine and then turned in for the evening.

All of us parents had thought we had escaped the wintry weather for the warm desert air in Vegas. But that was not to be. We were all bundled up for out last two games of the tournament and the wind and cold air just about froze us to death.


But after our near miss of frost bite earlier in the day, we moved to the Excalibur hotel on the strip and attended the Tournament of the Kings which is a dinner and show. We devoured our meals with our hands, because they don't provide utensils so that you may fully experience this time when kings ruled and knights jousted. This was such a fun show with lots of audience participation. Afterwards, we enjoyed the different casinos and the sites they had to offer. Again with the walking!! Which explains why I slept for fifteen hours (mentioned in earlier post) after returning home.

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Tanya said...

It is a fun place to visit...but it makes me tired. :-) I think it would be fun to visit Vegas in the summer and spend more time outdoors than normal. I start feeling cooped up after a while there.