Monday, March 24, 2008

It's ugly, but in a good way.

Let's face it. Pool equipment is ugly. Which is why those who have these oversized, bulbous or square monstrosities that keep our pools looking clean and beautiful, attempt to hide it with plants, fountains, fences, or whatever else we can find to tuck away it's ugliness. And my equipment is no different (I say "my" because I'm in charge of pool duties so I claim ownership).

I have our equipment hidden by a small fenced area so that no one is expected to admire it while sunning by the pool. But we have been admiring this area the past couple of days because, once again, we hauled gravel into the backyard and added it around the equipment area. And what it did was made it look neat and tidy. I think we are addicted to gravel and it's pleasing-ness (if this isn't a word, it should be) to the eye. Ray is coming up with other areas to cover in gravel and I'm sure I'll be right there cheering him on.

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