Monday, March 10, 2008

Fire Pit

I'm so exhausted right now that this was almost going to be one of those "picture" postings. But then you wouldn't know what was going on so I felt the need to explain.

Ray took a day off from work today or should I say, he took a day off from sitting at his desk with his feet propped up on the desk (and yes, I have proof of this). Anyway, he has a day off from relaxing in his office to do some hard labor in our backyard. I sort of imagined myself handing him a tool here and there or fetching some water, but somehow it didn't work out that way. I must have lugged 20 bags of gravel to the backyard while Ray lugged 40. I was tired after that and we hadn't even began the project and the answer to your questions is "yes, the thought of quitting did pop into my head a few times". But Ray would get out that darn whip and I was back to work.

After recently having a pool added to our backyard, that left us with a few flower bed areas to finish up. In the corner of the yard we decided to make it a firepit area so that's where the need for all of this gravel comes in. I also had to put in some edging to separate the areas where I plan to add some plants later this Spring. Ray did most of the gravel work and then we worked together adding the mulch into the other areas. I don't have pictures of the other areas because there is nothing to see but mulch and I thought that was too boring.

The finished product...minus some much needed plants.

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Janice said...

So jealous- I want a pool in my back yard and a fire pit. Sounds like so much fun.