Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I can't be this stupid!

I was over at the neighbors today, letting their dogs out for their morning potty break, and I stepped out onto their back porch to watch and make sure they both went pee. After a bit of waiting and it was getting a little chilly outside, I turned to go back in and found out that I had locked myself out.

"Hmm, ok".

This is not a problem. I'll just go through the side gate and enter through the garage that I had left open. Only problem was that the side gate and back gate had pad locks on them so there was no escaping that way. I was not only locked out of the house but locked into the back yard. I started to assess my situation and I decided that I would be climbing over the fence with a little help of a patio chair. But then I thought of the pool house that had an entrance from the backyard and an exit through the storage area. Thank goodness that door was unlocked. I very coolly, made my way through the pool house and unlocked the overhead garage door in the storage area to make my escape and re-locked that door behind me.

Once I was back into the house I read a note that the neighbor had left me about giving the "girls" a treat before going back to their beds. I then walked to the backdoor to make sure they were doing ok but I couldn't see them anywhere. So I stepped out to the back porch again and shut the door. AND locked myself out AGAIN!!

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Tanya said...

OMG. The things I'm missing by not getting to talk to you every day! Stupid work!!