Monday, February 11, 2008

What a gal does

It's only noon and it I feel like I've achieved a whole day's work.

  • took a shower

  • ate breakfast

  • fixed some things with the computer

  • started laundry

  • took the kids to school

  • shopped at Walmart

  • exited the doors of Walmart only to hear the annoying sound of someone's car alarm which happened to be mine

  • arrived home

  • cleaned the stovetop

  • washed cabinet doors

  • spilled water over almost the entire kitchen floor (long story)

  • mopped up floor

  • made some preparations for Wednesday's Valentine Bunko night

  • put laundry away

I know, it's boring. But it's what a gal does to keep things running. And you thought we ate bonbons and watched soaps. Puhleeeze.


Tanya said...

I'll have to hear the story about the water. And did you make those cards? Cute!

DeeBee said...

I printed them out and then added a few stickers to spruce them up.

BB said...

God bless mothers all over the world. you sure was exhausted that day :*