Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Positive Thinking

Oprah's show today was about positive thinking, vision boards, and lists that help you get the things you dream of in your life. You start off by telling yourself how much you love YOU. Even if you aren't in a good mental place, you start sowing the seeds to find your awakening.

An example that was used on the show: if you want to live somewhere different, you add it to your list, think of this daily and put a picture of your ideal location on your vision board. Your dreams become reality by the power of positive thinking. I love the whole idea of this because it is so simple and being positive is a good way to live, whether it gets you what you want or not.

And if you're looking for that someone special, make a list of the qualities making sure that you aren't listing something like "someone to make me happy" because that's a shallow want. The list would read more like, "kindness, humor, etc".

What if you want something positive in yours and your partner's life but your the one who is the positive influence working with a negative partner? It won't work and unfortunately for me, I'm in trouble on that one. Everyone needs to have the same optimistic vision.

I'm positive by nature and tend to be optimistic most of the time. And I'm always thankful for where I live and that my kids are healthy and I do have these thoughts all the time. I'm missing out on expressing love towards myself but I can work on that.

Well, I'm off to start my lists.


pooch said...

Isaw oprah also, although I don't believe you can look in the mirror several times a day and say ,I' m so handsome and it will come true. I do believe if you look in the mirror enough, you may want to change the way you are doing things,,, We can maybe change ourselves with a makeover.. However,I just look in the mirror and think,,( you hansome devil ) Vanity,,vanity

DeeBee said...

Well, that's a start. lol

Tanya said...

I definitely think we're influenced by what's around us. People can bring us down or bring us up. I need to work on bringing people up!