Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cody is sick :-(

I got a call on Thursday to come pick up Cody from school because he was running a fever. On Friday he seemed to be perking up and feeling better. But this weekend has been terrible for him. He definitely has the flu; fever, chills, cough and running nose. I feel so bad for him. His throat hurts and he just wants to cry but is trying to tough it out. And something else that I've noticed and I'm so impressed with is that our dog Mia has not left his side the entire time. I can honestly say that we have not seen her out and about the past few days. I think it is so sweet of her to stay with him. She usually drives me crazy because she's a little bit of the "anxious" type: always up trying to figure out where to be, what to do and very undecisive. But I think I'm going to be a little more patient with her, after seeing her dedication to Cody.

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Um 3bdlwahab said...

poor Cody, wish that he gets well soon