Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Grocery List

After letting me know that he did not like the deli ham that I bought at the grocery store (because you had to get too many pieces of it), Cody had asked that I get some of that big ham next time. The next day I was in the kitchen and noticed an item on the grocery list but could not figure out what it meant. The item was "Big Ham" and since I had forgotten about my conversation with Cody, it took me a moment to figure out who added "Big Ham" to the list. Ray and I found this amusing, just knowing Cody I guess.

A few days later I noticed that Ray had added some items to my list (I'm the one who added butter and didn't even notice the big bacon) and this is what it looked like:

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Tanya said...

funny! nice to see that Ray made the blog. :-)