Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gaining ground

The family came down with the stomach flu this past weekend, except for Ray. After a couple of days in bed, I was ready to finish up the project I had been working on the week before of transferring home movies onto dvd. I completed that task today and also cleared off my desk and detangled all the computer cords that bring life to the computer, monitor, printer, lamp, speakers, etc. That was a tangled web. My life feels very satisifying right now. This was one of those little things that needs to be done but never would if I were still working. And not that anyone would notice the garbled cords, but it would be bothering me all the same. That goes for painting the kitchen cabinets too; it would never be done if I weren't home during the day. So glad that I'm able to work on these things. And that's not sarcasm.

Now I need to move to the boys room. I hear they don't want the bunk beds stacked anymore and I need to see if I can move furniture out to make room for this project. This will be the umpteenth time that we've undone the bunk beds or stacked them back together. Or should I say.. Ray has done this. "Oh, Yoo hoo, Raaayyyy!!"

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