Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mike Tyson

I got that dreaded phone call this week that parents sometimes get and don't want but as soon as the person on the other end starts talking, you know it isn't good. Cody's principal called to inform me that Cody would be calling me shortly to explain that he has gotten himself into a bit of trouble at school. It's their policy to have the students call the parents to let them know. Apparantly Cody and a friend at school were playing the way boys like to play and things got out of hand and pretend turned into "real". They were kicking each other until Cody decided to jump on the kid's back and bite him on the arm. Fight over. Both kids lose recess but Cody will lose an extra day for the biting incident. I couldn't understand him on the phone very well through all the sniffles and crying. I hope I don't get anymore calls like that.

Cody just seems to be into everything these days. He's 8 so maybe it's a "phase" age that kids must pass through. I went out to the garage the other day to get something out of the freezer and there on top of the freezer was a pile of the most disgusting worms. They were slimy and leaving some sort of stain on the freezer lid. Needless to say, I no longer had an appetite for whatever it was that I was fetching.

Then a few weeks ago we were cleaning out our van to trade it in for a new car and in a small compartment in the back seat we found what we like to call "Cody's treasure". There were parts to old necklaces, sticks, coins, unidentifyables, and the breast bone of a bird with feathers still attached... gross! I wonder what he'll be when he grows up.

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Tanya said...

He's just the cutest thing ever, both in personality and looks. This is the most I've seen him look like Hayden before. He looks so different with this much hair. This blog of codyisms just makes him that much more adorable.