Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blogger Virgin

This is my first post to this blog. I'm not counting the 3-4 posts shown to be previous because I dragged them from another blog in order to update this one for all my readers... and she knows who she is. I'm excited about trying this out because I can say it's my own page and I didn't get the idea from my kids. It's much better than the MySpace and Xanga because those sites seem to be taken over by the younger kids. This looks like it will be easier to manuever through.

It's raining here today which probably gave me the idea for my blog name. How original. We really needed the rain too so I don't seem to mind it. (Really the only time I do mind it is if we have soccer games) I love the cloudiness. I don't understand why people find it depressing. It puts me in a great mood and makes me feel like doing more than I usually would.

So anyway, I need to get some work done today. How many days do I say that? But this internet stuff just seems to take up my time. Not to mention the other must-dos like laundry, errands and of course eating!! Speaking of that, I'm already hungry again today. Might have lunch earlier than usual, you know.. like at about 10:30. I do that sometimes.. it's ok. In fact there have been some days when I eat breakfast and then immediately after I go ahead and have cheese nachos with jalopenos or chips and salsa. But don't worry, I don't eat again at lunch, I'm good until dinner. So I'm only having my 3 meals, just at weird times. Yesterday I had chips and guacamole for breakfast or should I say right after breakfast? I guess you can tell that I'm a bit hungry since I can't seem to get off the subject of food. And now I just remembered that I have some Dove dark chocolate out in the refrigerator. That sounds good but I'll wait. Or will I....?

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Alright, I'm updated now.