Monday, March 13, 2006

I guess I'm shallow, or did you already know that?

I was out running errands today when I decided that I really needed to get my hair trimmed. It had been bugging me because this weekend I took the scissors to my hair, like I usually do when I see that I don't like the way it's looking. I usually don't do too much damage to my own hair and no one can tell if I've cut it because I wear it a little on the unkempt side. The problem is that I know that it is no longer even and has areas that are just longer/shorter than others, so anyway, this bugs me tremendously. My first stop was at SuperCuts. I could get in and out quickly and for what I needed this would be fine. So I enter, sign in and sit down. Then I get to scoping out the salon personnel. Hmmm! Something does not look right here. First thing I notice is that the girls doing the haircutting have horrible hair. I see no kind of cute style and hair pulled back into a ponytail, well just one of them, the other girl...I can't even describe what problem her hair was having. They were fat and homely. One had a terrible complexion, which I feel sorry for her but I just need someone who has some style and class to cut my hair. All of a sudden, Supercuts was just not cutting it for me. It had become more important than I had earlier thought. If I've ever had a panic attack, then this was one in the making. I just decided that it meant nothing and they would probably do just fine. So I sat there listening to them carry on conversations with each other. Maybe I was just in a weird mood but they were making me roll my eyes with their stupid comments to their customers and each other. I must have stepped into the white trash salon, which is usually how I classify people who don't meet up to my standards. So now I'm feeling the panic set in. "Am i actually going to let them cut my hair?" I probably sat there about a minute more trying to come up with a plan of escape and when I couldn't take it any longer, I walked up to the desk, scratched my name off the list and told them I needed to leave. Whew!! No harm done and it was no problem leaving. The next place I went to was higher classed, but booked up and couldn't take me until tomorrow. So I tried Cutter's Salon. I had to wait for quite a bit but I think she did pretty well and hopefully it was worth it. The cut is different from the way my usual person who does it but I'm not sure anyone will notice but me. So, my haircutting experience started out terrifying and ended up okay. The moral of this is, "Just say no to scissors and don't let white trash cut your hair!"

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Tanya said...

That is so funny - even though Supercuts is my regular hair place. It's amazing how often women have to get their hair cut on the spur of the moment - they just can't wait one or two more days to go somewhere they trust. So did you know you posted your blog twice? :-)