Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feb 26, 2006 - Saturday

Well, one day of driving to the city is over and it wasn't so bad. Especially since we haven't had to do a lot of traveling lately, like we use to.Caitlin's team played like poop so that was not fun. Needless to say we are stunned when the MWC biotches score on us but it's just too much when we are down 2-0 at the half. I decided that I just didn't want to sit out in the cold and wind a minute more and if I have to watch us lose, I'd rather do it from the warmth of my car. So I told my "girls/friends" that the "karma" needed to be changed and in order to do that I was going to the car. Aaaahh. Felt so good to get indoors. And not to mention, as I sat there, we finally scored a goal. Didn't take much longer and we scored another. So of course, I called my "girls" on the cell, who still sat on the sidelines, just to remind them of why it was finally going our way.... Karma! They were thankful. Fortunately or unfortunately, the game ended in a tie.So I'm off to OKC again today, leaving around 10 and I sure hope I don't have to help our teams today... whew!

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