Thursday, March 09, 2006

Feb 20, 2006 - Soccer

We've been watching soccer for quite some time now and as your kids get older you focus more on how they play their position instead of scoring goals, like when they were younger and a bajillion goals get scored in a game.

But Dylan has really been in a scoring drought and I say this because he plays forward. It's his job to score goals. He's had so many shots on goal it's not even funny. But where do they end up?.... they hit the post and the crossbar over and over again. This is frustrating for us so I can't imagine what it's like for him. The good thing about hitting these spots is that he's aiming for the right spot (away from the keeper) But just can't seem to correct his aim in his favor.

Well, now I can officially say that the drought is over. He had a game last week and I've never seen him play so aggressive and so determined to score goals. His first shot of the game was from outside the 18 yard box, it was low and very hard and it hit the post. I didn't even see who had made that shot (because of other soccer player bodies in front of me) but had made the comment that because it hit the post, it must be Dylan. Confirmed!! But after that, he finally got a beautiful goal in the back of the net. It was great and we were now up 1-0, and he had started it. But, he wasn't finished. He scored 2 more goals in the 2nd half. Game over 3-0. He had a hat-trick. The amazing part wasn't so much the goals he scored but the sheer determination that he had to do it. That might be the best game I've ever witnessed him play. I was excited about his energy that night. Hope he knows how proud I was. Anyway, he scored another goal in his High School game later that week... so drought is offically over!!

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