Sunday, September 14, 2008

You are cleared to land

We were awaken to a 6:00am phone call this morning from our neighbor. He was walking out to the street to get his newspaper and discovered that our gas meter had been hit and was spewing out gas. I immediately called the gas company and we all walked outside to make sense of what had happened. The sound of the spewing gas was loud and could be heard as soon as we opened the door to go outside. Because it was still very dark, we had to use flashlights and we were able to see tire tracks in the yard leading to the gas meter where someone had apparently backed into it, while trying to get out of our driveway.

Our driveway is about 60 yards long and not very wide. An experienced driver would have trouble backing out of our driveway... in the dark...while peering through a tinted window. We've witnessed this struggle with the teens that have visited our house and then try to leave the same way they came up the drive. Without a doubt, it gave someone a heck of a time last night in the pouring rain.

So we decided that the driveway is too treacherous and we need to take some measures to help make our driveway more visible for us and our guest. Say hello to our new solar lights. I'll will now be addressing our driveway as "runway 1".


Tanya said...

Weird...I missed a couple of your posts somehow. Anyway, yes your driveway is a little treacherous. I bet the solar lights look cool!

Karen said...

Were you afraid of an explosion? That sounds scary to me. I hope no one runs over your new lights.