Monday, September 08, 2008

Changes with the fire department

Look at the new white firetruck that the Claremore fire department has now. The old ones were red, like the one sitting behind it. I'm not really sure if it's actually new or just a new paint job but I do like it. But then I'm one who likes change. I had noticed that on the north side of town, a new fire station was being built with 4 garages. That's twice as much room for fire trucks than the stations currently occupy.

I also wondered if that stripe on the side that looks like a "Z" was done on purpose. You know, with us being the Claremore Zebras and all. I'm going to say "yes".


Brant said...

So that you are aware, The new white truck is a Haz-Mat truck. While I agree, the new color scheme is nice, it is, at this point, the only one that will be white. The new building at Station 3 is a storage building for the Haz-Mat as well as other vehicles that are not as often needed, but currently having to be stored in th elements. As for the Z, I don't think it was intentional, but between you and I we should be able to spread that story as if it were.

DeeBee said...

I noticed today when I was driving by that there was a sign saying it was storage for "apparatus".

And the Haz-Mat truck is pretty!!