Monday, September 22, 2008

Make it stop

For the past two weeks Hayden has been looking up magic tricks on the internet. We have endured trick after trick after trick. Some of it has been funny and some of it has been awkward. It's awkward when you see that he slipped the coin in his pocket and then he practically dares you to guess where it went.

He has this one trick where he distracts you with a pen while hiding the coin in a pocket and everytime I'm amazed at the pen. The pen is not the "magic" part of the trick, it's the coin he's making disappear. He gets the pen behind his ear so fast that I'm mesmerized by the fact that I never see how he does it. And even though the coin has now disappeared while I was watching that stupid pen, I'm only in awe of the pen.


Dawn said...

He may have a career in this ahead of him. :)

The Hunter's Wife said...

The stages kids go through. Magic tricks seems to always be one of them.

Angie said...

Now, I'm intrigued. What kind of pen? To solidify the trick, ask Hayden if he can do the trick with a pencil as well... (Sorry, I teach a classroom of 20 5-year-old day in and day out. I'm easily amused!)