Friday, September 19, 2008

Update to the school situation

I want to thank all of you who were nice to leave comments and supportive thoughts about the teacher that disciplined Caitlin for not saying the "Pledge of Allegiance". We had our meeting with the principal, Mr. Hocutt, on Monday and told him that Caitlin was no longer comfortable in that classroom after the teacher's behavior towards her and that we wanted her removed from that class. He explained that they don't like to make adjustments to the schedule this late in the semester and he would need to talk to the other principals and her counselor and hopefully get back to us before Wednesday.

So everyday, we called the school to have her checked out of that class, while waiting to hear from Mr. Hocutt. We never heard anything so we instructed her to go see the counselor and see if anything has been done. We are happy to say that she has been moved to another class. As for that teacher, I'm sure nothing has been said to her on our behalf, even though we asked that she be told how that we didn't appreciate hearing from our daughter that we weren't doing a good job at home.

A day after our meeting, another girl abruptly left her classroom and was also given in-house detention. Maybe after a few more incidents like that, the school administration will wise up.


Dawn said...

I'm glad she moved to another class.

Being a teacher myself- I'm sure the principal talked to her about it. They don't just not discuss complaints. For one, because the principal would want to hear the teacher's side of the story. Ya know what I mean??

I'm glad it is taken care of now. That's got to be a relief. :)

Angie said...

I agree with Dawn. Being a teacher, I know the principal said something. I also know (because I've experienced BOTH sides) that the principal supports the teacher, but doesn't nessecarily condones her comments. I had to tell on a fellow teacher before and as the "parent" involved, I was told the teacher was spoken to. My son told me that the teacher later made a smarty go tell your mommy...Blah, blah.

Then, being the teacher when a parent complained about me (I had turned off the light in the classroom when they wee walking down the hall!), my director told me to be more careful because those "parents" were tightly wound.

Bottom line, you got what you thought was est for your kid. A few more incidents regarding that same teacher (you know...a pattern), then she might have to go to sensitivity training, lol.