Saturday, October 06, 2007

Home Sweet? Home

We had a pump station added to our septic system this week. The idea is that all of the water is pumped away from the tank into the lateral lines with no way for it to return thanks to a trapdoor that closes behind it. I sure hope this is the answer that we've been looking for all these years. We've had many days after it rains where the waste would back up into the tubs and toilets couldn't be flushed because there was nowhere for it to go. This would be very unpleasant and even embarrassing when we had company visiting our house.

This issue was the one thing that made me fantasize about moving to a different home. Could all this mess be a thing of the past? Only time will tell.


Tanya said...

Yes! We don't have to worry if we go number two at your house now. :-)

DeeBee said...

That was the #1 worry! or was it #2?? :-)