Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pool - Day 1

The pool contractor showed up Sunday night to cut down a tree and draw out an outline of the pool in the exact spot that it would soon exist. You can barely make out the orange outline in this "before" picture.

The project was scheduled to start on Monday, but he ended up in bed with a 24 hour flu bug. So Tuesday was when all the action started. It was a day dedicated to backhoes, truck loads of dirt and loads of activity. I made phone calls to plumbers, electricians and fence companies to schedule times to get estimates. I also double checked with the insurance company that we were insured and had our liablity amount raised.

I'm throwing in this exciting video of the backhoe. Try to keep yourself under control as you watch this. Terribly exciting!!

The yard is a mess but the excitement of getting a swimming pool puts our focus on next summer. I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter.

Here are pictures from the first day of this project.

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Tanya said...

Those are really cool - already looks like a pool! Guess someone couldn't sleep last night. :-)