Friday, October 26, 2007

Housework is ongoing

The thing about housework is that you're never finished working, only finished for that day. You know that big project of organizing the cabinet in the bathroom? It took me a whole 5 minutes and I was done! Why was I putting that off?

I do have another project that really will take me longer. I want to organize my kitchen cabinets and pantry and switch stuff between the two locations. Now that I think of it.. that might only take me 1 minute to go in there, take a look and decide it's not worth it.

I'm hoping Ray will take a crack at fixing my couch this weekend. It has somewhere around 12 long arched metal springs that keep the cushions from falling to the ground when you sit on it. Six of those springs have sprung! So my couch that I love is not so lovely right now.

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