Sunday, September 23, 2007

Still kickin'

Soccer is in full swing including Cody who is now playing on a rec team in Claremore. He's doing pretty good when he's not recovering from injuries. Minor ones of course.

I took Hayden to his game on Saturday and that was the first time I had seen them play this season. I was surprised at how good they looked out there. Their coach however is hard to please and is unhappy about things most of the time. It makes things less enjoyable.

Caitlin's team is doing very well and has a couple of wins behind them so far. Her coach has done a great job of getting this team to this point and it has been quite a journey these past 5 years. Wonder if he'd be interested in a coaching a '95 boys team. :-)


Tanya said...

Not to mention the fact that Caitlin made captain!

DeeBee said...

We are very happy about that.