Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall fever

I watched Paula Deen make chicken fried steak and gravy today on her show. I was taught how to make it by my step-dad, Dale. So it was interesting to watch a real chef make it and see things like the consistancy of the gravy as she adds the milk and how much flour, salt and pepper she used. She made it no different than I do except for using buttermilk to dip her steak. I have been taught to dip in a milk and egg mixture. I'll try the buttermilk next time.

Spring fever has hit me today, only it's the wrong season. I rearranged my living room today, something I used to do ALL the time. I have not changed my living room around in years except for the addition of a computer desk. I have the curtains in the washing machine and after they are clean, I'll be done with my to-dos for today. I've thrown in some pictures of Mojo because he was a big part of the action today (and a blog needs pictures, right?) . He panicked at being cornered by the vacuum cleaner but yet refused to leave the room in fear that he might not see what I was going to move next. I turned the couch upside down for a bit (long story) and this demanded an investigation by the inspector himself.

If I get a second wind, I have a cabinet in the bathroom that needs some organizing. For now, I'm exhausted and crashed on the couch with the laptop.


Tanya said...

Wow. While you got lots done, I just sat around thinking about things to do.

Anonymous said...

I love the header on your page, its so cute!