Tuesday, July 04, 2006


We are back from the USYS Regionals Championship in Little Rock. Caitlin's team made it to the Quarter finals but they just couldn't finish a few opportunities they had. So without that, our time there ended. It was fun overall but the hotel location was less than desirable. Downtown Little Rock is not a good place to have a team of 14 year old girls stay. And that part of Little Rock will leave you feeling like never returning. But if you go there, stay on the west side of town because you'll surely want to return. The soccer complex was beautiful with lots of trees and shade. If someone could have turned off the heat and humidity, that would have been nice.

And as always.... it's nice to be home.

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Tanya said...

Well, I'm sorry that they lost, but at least Caitlin is the prettiest on the team. :-)