Sunday, June 25, 2006

Employment changes things

The regionals tournament is coming up and I've got tons to do in the way of packing. I'm taking Hayden and Cody with us now since Dylan has finally landed a job(Hammett House, washing dishes). There won't be anyone at home during the day with the young 'uns so off with me they go.

Caitlin has practice everyday until the day we leave and she'll continue to have practice when we get to Little Rock. Sounds like a lot but seems to be the norm in this situation. No one here is complaining... we are too happy about the whole thing.

Dylan's first day on the job went well but he has now sworn off eating at restaurants. He says never again, fast food only. I'll have to see how long that last. Just glad that he's finally found some work.

As for me, I'm preparing to start my new job in July. Mentally and physically. I just need to make sure I have a few outfits to wear and that things stay caught up around the house so that I'm not too overwhelmed with working out of the home and still working in the home. I'm just glad that one of them pays a salary.

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Tanya said...

I wish starting a new job didn't have to be so stressful. I'll be remembering you and Addison and Dylan when I start in August. Hopefully it will give me a little inspiration.

Pele's so cute!