Sunday, July 30, 2006


A good relaxing day for me would consist of marathon reality programs, a diet coke and cross-stitching. Only the good reality shows of course. And there are some pretty good ones out there that will make you chuckle. I highly DON'T recommend My Fair Brady, even though I watched it to the end because I just couldn't believe that they would actually get married... they were a good example of who shouldn't get married.

Tanya turned me on to a couple of reality programs out there (and maybe she wouldn't want me sharing that), Laguna Beach and the spinoff from that, which follows Lauren, is The Hills. Which I might add IS having a marathon this morning. I love Run's House, Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List and Hogan Knows Best. Actually Tanya might have told me about Hogan's show because I think I always thought it had something to do with Hogan's Hereos, which in "reality" it's about Hulk Hogan and his family. I think my love for reality is pure noseyness about other people's lives.


Tanya said...

OMG - I'm so glad I just read your blog to see that The Hills is having a marathon. Now I can get caught up! Guess I know what I'm doing this morning...

I also can't believe those freaks got married on the Brady show. Seriously, what does she SEE in him.

DeeBee said...

My Fair Brady is ridiculous and they should both be embarrassed at how immature and stupid that they both are. I seriously don't think that show will help their careers.