Tuesday, May 23, 2006

State Cup Prelims

The soccer was good this past weekend. So nice to be outside in the sun instead of cooped up indoors. It was hot at times, but we survived the heat. I enjoyed everything about the weekend except the occasional glimpse of cellulite.


Tanya said...

These are cute! And I like your hair. I'm already bored with mine - it's not cute and spunky anymore like it was for that one week.

DeeBee said...

I didn't even know Ray took this picture until we got home. I'm not photogenic so my pics are never good. Or maybe I should never look straight into the lens... it's bad.

Try spunky-ier if you don't like your hair so much. Maybe more choppy or shorter. One week is just not enough time for enjoying your hair. If I have even one bad hair day...I'm sad.

On the subject of hair, I missed my hair appointment this morning because I was on the phone. good grief.