Thursday, May 11, 2006

All work and no play

First off.. our soccer team lost but it wasn't as horrible as I imagined. The team didn't play well and when that happens, it's hard to want them to win. So they didn't deserve it and that's the way it goes. The score was 2-1 so it was a close game.

Leslie called me last week about a job that might be coming available at a lawyer's office. Turns out that he's not ready to fire his incompetent secretary even though his wife would like to see it happen so that someone can get into that office and get it organized. So maybe someday down the road this employment possiblity will come up again and I'll be more mentally prepared to take something full time. For now, I'm employed very part time, which I'm comfortable with.

Laundry is priority today. I've managed to ignore it the last couple of days so there is plenty to catch up on. I'll try to fit in some work and HGTV on the side. I'd like to get in some exercise, tanning and shopping but since there are only 24 hours in a day, that's unlikely. And now, the clothes dryer beckons me.


Tanya said...

Oh yes, laundry beckons me also. Bleck. Maybe it's a good thing the job has been postponed. What if you had to work this summer? :-)

DeeBee said...

I thought about that and that's why not having that opportunity is a-ok.

Tanya said...

Okay, the "Fast-Click" pop-up is getting annoying. If you don't click on it quickly enough to get rid of it, then the media advertisement comes up anyway.