Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Going Ons

As soon as school let out for the summer we were on our way to the State Cup and a trip to see the family in Texas. The State Cup was amazing because Caitlin's team won it for the first time and it was the first time for her age group to qualify for the Regional Tournament. Needless to say we were so excited and remain so to this day.

Our trip to Midland was fun and we enjoyed getting to see everyone. Tanya & Alan's house is so nice and the kids and I all agreed... we loved it. It's an older home with lots of charm. I think it inspired be to get off my butt and do some home improvements. Their cat, Junior, was interesting and finally showed us that he had warmed up to us by not hissing at us everytime we walked by. Petting him was out of the question unless you were looking to be abused. I could have "fun" with a cat like that, but since he wasn't our cat, I tried to let him be. As for the rest of our trip... mexican food galore. I was a walking stink bomb the entire week. It couldn't be hidden or denied. Hayden seem to be having the same side affects from the mexican food but as all kids do... he let loose and enjoyed it.

The kids enjoyed being at Grandma's house where they have side-by-side computers and the video games in tow. Fun for all. Tanya and I hung up pictures that needed to be hung up after Mother had some painting done. I think it looks nice. She could throw out some catalogs and old tv guides that she'll never read, but try telling her that.

We also went swimming and that was really fun. I love to be outside soaking up the sun. Alan was able to go with us and the kids really enjoyed that. Alan is one of those easy going people and likes to make things fun (I loved his "stepped on a rock" moment because it was so unexpected).

I'm probably leaving something out that I wanted to say so I'll just updated later if needed. Anyway, the trips were fun but it's always good to be home.


Tanya said...

Seriously, was I drunk and didn't know it?

The visit was great - maybe we can get up there before the summer's out, who knows. We still have to fit our family vacation in somehow...

DeeBee said...

You look good in the pic, drunk or not! lol